Then Three Turned into Four. . .March 2021

I want to tell you a story, my story. I have been doing art for over 18 years now, creating with the inspiration of life. My art has ebbed and flowed with the transitions of this life, the love and loss, the pain and happiness, always providing a safe nurturing place where I call HOME. My art is a place of freedom, a healing refuge, a restorative space, a place of reconnecting to my power and deep belonging with the Earth. Its a gift of space and time. I have watched my art and my life transform over the years to unexpected places and magical new discoveries. My art is changing once again.

When my son, Jackson, graced us with his light, my art and my life grew powerfully spiritually. My husband and I tried for a very long 8 years to have a family and after a very hard and painfully challenging roller coaster ride, we decided to get off the ride and find comfort in each other and move on. Then two years later, our miracle happened. Our whole world changed in that moment when we found out I was pregnant. Some days my husband and I still look at each other and say, "Wow, can you believe we have a family?". Still seems so surreal and Jackson is now 2 years old. This little light gave my art and my life so much more soul. And now my art and my life is in transition once again, as another unexpected miracle has come to our lives. Our second son will be arriving in July! Wow!! Looks like the universe had plans for us all along to bring two amazing souls Earth side. I cant express to you the incredible joy we feel and how beyond blessed I feel to be "Mom". And now, as I feel my son grow inside of me in this new transition, I am growing so strong in my truth, and as a mother my life is changing once again. . . A shedding of an old life and the beginning of a new. As it is, my art and my life are shifting in space and perspectives and surging in a new power of strength in truth. I will never forget the journey that has led me to this exact moment. As Jackson teaches me every day, if we allow our lives to unfold naturally without force, we find exactly where we are meant to be and exactly who we are meant to be. Trust, acceptance, letting go. Miracles do happen. Breath in your life to find more life. Live your story. Then three turned into four. xoxo

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