Happy Holidays December 2020

"Yesterday is the Past, Tomorrow is the Future, but today is a Gift. That's why its called the Present"- Bill Keane

These days time has been a big puzzle piece for me as a mother, an artist, a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter. Where does it go? How do we fit it all in? I want to weave a basket, oh wait, Jackson wants to throw my pine needles all over the house. I need to return that phone call, oh wait the cat just vomited. I want to finish that weaving, oh wait, I have to finish laundry and cook dinner. I want to take a long walk, oh wait, Jackson just ran in the opposite direction. I need to pay bills, oh wait, the phone just rang, the chickens need feeding and I forgot to plug in the computer. I exhaust myself just writing this. Is it just being a mom that makes it chaotic or is this just life? Some days I am immersed with being a mother and playing "trucks" and coloring and running after my son all day while my mind struggles with letting go of all the other things I have to do or want to do. Other days, I cant get enough of playing "trucks" and giggling over tooting sounds and chasing my son while he chases me and letting it all go is easy. Its chaos and bliss all mixed up. I am completely in love with my Life as a mother. Its such a gift to be Jacksons mom. So in this world of absolute bliss, it can be so easy to get caught up in the race and time is a crazy thing and chaos ensues. So..... I have forgotten to pay bills or return phone calls or even take a shower. I'm not used to being so scattered. And truthfully, the state of the world, adds to my whirling mind making it harder yet to find solid ground. So, again, is this just the life of a mom or is this just life right now? How do you figure out how to make it all flow seamlessly? Maybe the point is not to. Maybe its just to be exactly where you are, on this day, in the chaos or in the bliss. As I grow in being a mother, the rhythms of my life change, as does my art and what I find to be a priority. I squeeze in what I can and have begun to cherish every moment whatever that looks like. If its art, i am doing my happy dance. I squeeze in the rest of it in too and strive to be my best self no matter the day, hoping I come out on top. Through the last few months, with my son guiding me along the way, my growth in acceptance and letting go is this. .. . . . find room for forgiveness in yourself and others (we are all just finding our way), be strong in who you are (the world needs you), let the guilt go (that's just extra weight you don't need), love yourself (you are doing the best you can) and love others ("Snowflakes are one of natures most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together."-Verna Kelly). Having said all that I leave you with this. Today I got this newsletter out!! Yahoooooo!!!! And Happiest of Holidays to you and your loved ones wherever this finds you. With deep gratitude for all of you, Michelle, Kurt and Jackson

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